From blue to orange The heat of the hues exhalation of air I make a wish the sky filled with darkness scattered diamonds glistening by the light of the moon fall, fall, fall little star. come to this earth, I make a wish I gaze upon you and you do not know how beautiful you are in my eyes Roll over, a rainbow halo is on your pillow as I move from my side to yours feeling my skin; once you said it was like silk listening to my drawl as we walk along an ancient city by the sea … Continue reading Wish.


I want to write you I want to write you into darkness Disappear into blackness I’d have you write your lyrics on your wrists To be sung about on the Styx I want you to disappear into oblivion No Heaven No Hell Simply you alone with your thoughts Always. Depression is a blackguard that will steal your joy. Depression, if anything, is the utter absence of hope. Imagine awaking each day, with no hope… that each day will blur the line into the next and only slumber separates you. If Continue reading Personification.