I laugh

At the accusations

I laugh

At your paranoia

Even if your secrets were mine to tell

I’d never put you through that type of hell

Ghosts of lovers past

The ice will eventually turn to glass

Your smile, your beautiful laugh…

I should have known it wouldn’t last

I saw all the signs

That promised one day you’d be mine

Written in your own hand

From your screen …

to mine

I waited for you

I waited so long

Night upon night

I play our bitter song

Lyrics pulsing through my veins

Heart is anguished

And I know you feel this brilliant pain

Late at night,

As you lay in your bed

Don’t you wish it were me instead?

I’ll bear no culpability

Loving me was past your ability

Tragedy and triumph

I’ve been at both ends

I’ll miss your kiss

Your touch

I’ll miss our grandiosity of sin

All the little games we play

All the ways we set the stage

I left you notes

Of sweet device

On the altar

I was your sacrifice

Flames should burn my skin

This icy tome does not exist

I always wondered how it would be

Now that I know what it’s like

I can throw in my gauntlet and give up my fight

I’ll think of you day by day

I’ll wonder if you miss me too

But in the end

Of the before it begins and the once upon a time

It was never just us

You were never really mine

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