Burning of the Moon

I stand alone

Under the pitch black arms that are the oak’s shadow

The heat of the sunset fades away

Along with the vibrancy of Her colors

In Her place, the night sky is rising


And oh so weary

I’m not longer standing

I have lost the connection I felt to that old oak tree

Trunk and limbs gave me strength from the earth

The sun has gone to slumber and the rays I soak in cannot sustain me

So I sit beneath what no longer comforts me

Unsure in this path forward

Looking up I see the brightness of Diana

That goddess of the hunt, the way she glows

My skin feels warm


Too hot

That sliver of crescent moon

Slowly phasing into a full circle for my eyes to behold

As it gleams brighter, my skin burns

I’m burned by the moon

I plead

My strength has left me

I am weakened and weary

In the distance, a trick of the light

Or a trick of my mind

Shining brightly, the eyes seem to hover in midair, floating freely

Walking forward, I see striking antlers and the defiance of the buck

Behind him only in distance, but equal in her majesty, stood the doe


There is grace

For though the sun has set

And moonlight did not soothe, but torched my skin …

I look now and I luminesce

How could I not trust Her?

For though the days are lovely, for though the daylight has sustained me…

what I once thought broken

Was me transformed

I take my bow and run wildly

I follow the deer

They guide me

I see by the glimmer of Her brightness

That ancient tree stands

I am altered


My form may change

But She says you’ll recognize me by the twin flames ignited by the burning of the moon

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