Hello Lover

Hello Lover
I got your letter in the post

Seems to be that time of year again
when the sins of summer pass
the warmth never seems to last
in answer to your question dear

The cold is nothing to be feared
for now the world just slumbers deep
rich foods to feed your body
your soul starves
have another cocktail under the mistletoe

Hello Lover
what’s your name again?

All these games
you’ll never win
you came in the night that one
blonde strands brushed away
my countenance is sweet you said
as I lay there on the bed

Quickly tossed aside
but was it you or me?

Can’t say I didn’t try
like the dolls I collected many years ago
tiny clothes
perfect hair
we were breakable like that

It Came in the Night
I must pretend that sunshine doesn’t burn me
that moonlite doesn’t soothe
my skin too fair for harshest glares
that seem to fall away

Hello Lover,
You placed me on my pedestal
so High above the rest
I have so far to fall
and if I reach the pavement
and when I reach the pavement
there lay the Broken Doll

you wonder why
I fall away with moonlit tears
and you don’t seem to know the difference between
midnite hour and morning shadows
for you I was perfect
posed ever so prettily
for the camera
for your eyes

But Lover dear,
it was I who sacrificed
I’m quite alright now
so no more letters please
the same with sweet inquiries

The air here is so cold
oh yes, it’s that time of year again
the snow purged away the sin
all pristine and white
the way it tends to be

Recollection fading slow
fading still
promise me you’ll (never) write
promise me you’ll (never) come

Hello Lover,
what’s your name again?

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