Eye of the Beholder

Our eyes are the windows to the soul. Our eyes are a connection of nerve endings connected to our brain which is then translated into what we “see.” Our eyes are beautiful, blue, green, brown, grey, black, hazel, and lovely to stare into. These amazing orbs everyone possesses … And yet, they can be far-sighted, nearsighted, and blind. They can miss so much. I am not perceptive as to what keeps me from my goal. In many ways, I am certain I stand in my own way. I say things I should not, lack social graces, and do not understand … Continue reading Eye of the Beholder

Wings of a (Fallen) Angel

In the fables In the tales  Their beauty unsurpassed Ivory feathers serve as wings  Gliding higher Surveying our earth beneath  How we longed to fly  Not merely gliding  But soaring towards heavens above  Oh, but lovely arrogance I found a way Like Icarus before I fashioned my own wings  Ebony, tip to tip, they shimmer in between  I climbed to the very top of the mountain  On the edge of that cliff, I jumped.  Fears overcame my logic I did not trust the current lifting me higher  I did not see the perfect glimmer of a night sky I did … Continue reading Wings of a (Fallen) Angel

Running in Wonderland

Deep in slumber I fall… Down Alice’s rabbit hole Thru the looking glass I’ve taken a potion or two To get thru the day Now the mirror is shattered Seven years of bad luck and a thousand reflections greet me  Now that I’m here in this Wonderland  I run through the mist Running, each night Running.  I never find what I long for That comfort I seem to crave  The curling fog of Wonderland  Swirls round the dancing grave  I take another potion  To make the climb back out  The rabbit hole behind the iron gate  Lovely marble stones abound  … Continue reading Running in Wonderland


It’s 2 o’clock In the morning. Thump.         Thump.                 Thump. Goes my heart. I inhale sharply No breath reaches inside Burning ache fills my chest Air is replaced with tears They drown me from the inside out I told you once, when I am sad … My blue eyes turn gray. In these early morning hours, they are the color of steel I struggle to think Were the memories real I needed something to feel I walked outside From the whiter shade of pale My skin turned pink from the cold I dared look up to Heaven It was … Continue reading Stars

Blind Man

You’re a blind man Struggling to find your way In a world full of darkness In your ear you hear her siren song But my dearest She is terribly off key Listen as you ought She can never shine next to me But you don’t see my light do you dear In the cold where you live Yo u are blinded by your own struggle Open your eyes And you see into mine Remember this moment The night you saw your ice princess burn Continue reading Blind Man

Ev’ry Time

Even when I’m asleep Part of my mind stays awake Just to dream of you Its that subconscious Unconscious, dedication That kills me ev’ry time You’re so damn exhausting I’d love to walk away But I fear I love you more Please tell me Why there is this feeling low in my belly That signals dread when I think of you Oh but Lover, Should you choose to walk in the door right now I would burst with joy for the occasion I’m so tired Tired of the status quo I hang on each word Merely because it could be … Continue reading Ev’ry Time


Losing time As we lose patience Crying out in frustration Here we go, down our rabbit hole Time to run, but our legs fail I can see down the darkened path Ever knowing the the wrath of aftermath Still not knowing when the first blow came Reddened bruises that were never the same In the rabbit hole As we run late There lay the makeup brushes That cover bruises with strategic touches Here I stand in couture and pearls Cameras flashing But I see no light Because I am in forever night My legs fail me My words fail me … Continue reading Failure

Life of the Experience

the life of the experience subdued in its passionate shadow of its yesterday raging, searing tears cascading as the experience is rushed for irrelevant frivolties of the mortal realm it’s already going by at the pace of my never ceasing pulse yet, we are slowed and unable to savor our moment in the daystar because no one understands we aren’t meant to sit we’re supposed to glide and float and love and fly or our own experience will be like sand through our fingertips passing us by Continue reading Life of the Experience

Hello Lover

Hello Lover I got your letter in the post Seems to be that time of year again when the sins of summer pass the warmth never seems to last in answer to your question dear The cold is nothing to be feared for now the world just slumbers deep rich foods to feed your body your soul starves have another cocktail under the mistletoe Hello Lover what’s your name again? All these games you’ll never win you came in the night that one blonde strands brushed away my countenance is sweet you said as I lay there on the bed … Continue reading Hello Lover