Life lessons are missing. We are not graded on life.

With this post, I begrudgingly acknowledge I fail everyday. I forget to finish the laundry, I feed my son fast food because I am too tired to make him dinner, I procrastinate the smallest tasks. I have learned lessons hard these past months… The only way I seem to be absorb them is pain, falling face down into the dirt.

People will always tell you where they stand, if you listen.

You cannot change where they stand; persuasion is a wonderful idea, when it works.

When I ceased to view others as competition, I began to know true love in friendship.

When actions in friendships become one-sided, it must be addressed.

Occasionally stepping away from social media will give one a quiet mind, away from the bustle of hash tags and trending topics.

I am a broken doll; I will never be completely whole. My creativity comes from the sliver of pain I never allow to heal as a reminder and pennance for my errors.

There will be one person in your youth that was a mistake. Sometimes there are two, three, etc. Never, ever forget them. You’ll know why as you grow older.

I will forever hate when one of the people you dislike most knows things you’ll do before you do.

Sometimes, people say one thing and do another. In that moment when a promise is made, it will be true. However, life happens and we lose.

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