Bipolar vs. Bitch

I’d like to establish my perspective… Seems an appropriate venue for that.

I have a bipolar condition and struggle every day. There are occasions where I act in a manner that is in conflict with my natural personality. This is not to excuse rude behavior, but merely to illustrate there are episodes in which I’m certainly not myself. Having addressed that, there are absolutely times I’m a bitch. I have loved ones and friends who assert I am a kind, loving person who is generous and giving to those she loves. Yet, I’ve come into many friendships, relationships, and other situations in which I was merely convenient to the parties involved or I outlived my purpose to their interest. To these people I say, I am not a bitch. Ignoring me unless something is needed, not knowing where I stand in your life, lying, cheating, and manipulative behavior on your parts creates a negative reaction on my part and I look like a bitch. Why am I berated for being assertive and insisting on clear communication and respect for myself? I draw the line now.

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