Wings of a (Fallen) Angel

In the fables
In the tales 
Their beauty unsurpassed
Ivory feathers serve as wings 
Gliding higher
Surveying our earth beneath 
How we longed to fly 
Not merely gliding 
But soaring towards heavens above 
Oh, but lovely arrogance
I found a way
Like Icarus before
I fashioned my own wings 
Ebony, tip to tip, they shimmer in between 
I climbed to the very top of the mountain 
On the edge of that cliff,
I jumped. 

Fears overcame my logic
I did not trust the current lifting me higher 
I did not see the perfect glimmer of a night sky
I did not see how the city lights glowed beneath me

My fear in vivid reds, oranges, and yellows 
Were all in my view 
Soon, the black of the horizon 
Lit up 
As Apollo awakened the mortal world 
I was soaring higher still
I did not notice the warmth of the sunrise 
I did not notice the subtle drops in the air 
Too late I realized… 
My very wings lifted me upward had failed
The light shone on my darkness 
I plummeted. 

With fire in my soul
With ice in my eyes
I plummeted. 

Charred remnants of my wings still remain
On the porcelain skin of my back
Like a star which fell from the heavens 
I was beautiful in my downfall

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