Cup Of Coffee & A Side Of Cynicism 

We don’t wake up to coffee & breakfast anymore. We don’t fall asleep to peaceful nights & cool summer breezes. 

We are enveloped in a blanket of hatred, choking the soul so we can’t breathe & playing God.

Summer is ripe with the stench of death. Domestically we have seen the worst mass shooting in US history, countless black men die in by police, officers killed by snipers … That’s only the past month. 

Abroad the death tolls mount, with Paris an epicenter. 

Hatred. We see it often in recent weeks. It’s a buzz word. Have you ever thought about what it means? It’s to adamantly dislike someone or something so passionately & vigorously that you want them to die. Panic. Essentially unable to see beyond the next second as your actions are blinded– in these cases by centuries old prejudices. Premeditation. To grow your hatred, feed it & let it thrive to the extent you plan the deaths of police in Dallas, crowds in Europe & LGBTQAI communities in Orlando. 

In the past month. 

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t we so very tired? My fatigue brings me to tears I can’t stop. I know I’m tired.

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