Less space you inhabit.

More you’re worth.

My racing thoughts are uncontrollable. My ship is off course. It’s capsized. I’m drowning.

No one can see.

Smaller bites. Smaller servings. Congratulations on less of my existence. Down Alice’s rabbit hole where I drink that potion that makes me shrink. I’m losing this fight. I’m losing. I don’t know how much more I can endure, because I keep enduring it. Testaments to strength, medication or will. I have no clue. How do I continue to wake up and slowly die each day a little more in a soul I’m not sure I have, as I wander through the motions.

Encapsulated in their own pain & struggles, I am still in that ocean unable to swim but somehow staying afloat as I become less of who I once was and am congratulated in the process.



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