Poison In The Air

Some people are naturally selfish. Drawing on your energy and your empathy until there is nothing left. They’ll pretend to care but in reality you are methadone when they want heroin.

Don’t be fooled by this facade. It’s dirty, leads to troubled roads and is never what it appears to be. They only care for their own needs, simply feigning to do so in the guise of sympathy in order to gain access to your empathy so that they may drain you dry. They’ll never care. They’ll never be the fantasy you build in your head. You will never even be last place, as that implies you had a place. You have no place at the table. There is no spot for you.

You’ve had to create your own table. You’ve had to create your own circle with people to love. These bridges that burn are temporary and this pain will go away very shortly. Ignore the lying snake in the grass. Beware the deadly whisper and the beguiling taunt. It will wrap itself around you, pushing you closer to death and darkness. The reason you can’t breathe isn’t because of a bigger heart. It’s because your lungs are being poisoned with the hot air the devil spews out.

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