Rule Of Three

Fire freezes my heart

Warmth is nowhere to be found

I turn in circles

I search all around

My blue eyes find the sky

In my heart I find the stars

Between each cluster is the truth

Yet it’s misconstrued

Jade mockery

The pretty lines

The truthful lies

No one hears my cries

My tears will fall in silent reverie

Daydreams shift to nightmares

This lightness in my air

Turns to chains

You had me at your beck and call

Anything you’d ask

I’d do it all

You didn’t ask me to fall

Fall I did

This irrevocable love

Of it I was avid

I crashed through from my pedestal above



Words spoken today to describe

The beat of my heart

Porcelain is quite fragile

It breaks oh so easily

Yet this porcelain skin I’m in will heal

Mere scars mending on my skin

Three strikes

You’re out

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