A Note On War

We ordered the drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani. Taking out the political reasons for the strike, at its base it’s an assassination of a dangerous Iranian general. Ok… so I want to rewind to World History class.

World War l began due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian national. Austria declared war on Serbia and all their allies got entangled. Civilian and military casualties totaled over 20 million. 11 million of these deaths were civilians.

Iran has struck back. They’ve vowed to strike Dubai (United Arab Emirates, “UAE”) and Haifa (Israel) if we answer their Iraqi missile strike.

UAE is the Arab League, which counts Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Mauritania, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and Algeri among their allies. UAE is one of our best Middle Eastern allies.

The US is an ally of Israel. Israel’s got few friends in the Middle East beyond their neighbors, Jordan and Egypt (and friendly is subjective). 17 of the 22 countries in the Arab League do not recognize Israel as a country.

As you can see, it’s very complex. It’s a very dangerous dance of diplomacy and skill to keep the peace. Not to mention any conflict in the Middle East directly impacts fuel and oil, as we still primarily rely on fossil fuels.

It is not as simple to going in, guns blazing. That’s reckless and get people needlessly killed. Now, we’ve opted to jump into the pit of snakes. We have countries that have fought for over a millennia.

World War 1 did not start as World War 1. It began by a man making the terrible choice to kill a leader. Their allies reacted. Millions died. Except now we aren’t using mustard gas and trenches. We have nuclear capabilities. One wrong move and we will annihilate ourselves along with our enemies.

I truly pray, fervently pray, that we can prevent this from reaching the magnitude of it’s potential. War is not a game. Those in power have always used war as a way of exerting their dominance and serving their interest and it’s the rest of us who are left to bury the dead.

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