Your voice, so cold
I cannot hear for the wind
Echoes so distant
Yet I remember our sin
Whispers in my path
I cannot say I was not told to guard myself
Along the path I walked
I did not see the hole
I only recall the spiral, the descent into Wonderland
The ice slowly thawed
‘Round your beating heart
A caress in passing
A kiss in plain view
An embrace to match
For a moment, I was so content with you
An outstretched hand covered mine
As lyrics, music, and air passed over us in the dark of night
I had opened Pandora’s Box; I felt hope, like there was light
But in a blink of your green eyes
In the cascading tears down my blue
I did not see frost forming
I did not see the blow coming
A snapshot in days
There was a preview of the could have been, should have been, if only it could have been
Like the sins of summers past
Our warmth never seems to last
I remain a fallen Alice with her potions to change her, as those changes may be
Should there ever be a hand extended to mine
Never fear, I would respond in kind
However, these are pretty lies I tell myself
Little musings to pass the time
As I strain to hear you
That echoed voice in the distance
I recall the humming of my skin at our first meeting
These moments seem stolen
Your love for me fleeting
Promise me there shall be a thought or notion about me
Rolling ’round your mind
After all my love, I would respond in kind

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