Eye of the Beholder


Our eyes are the windows to the soul.
Our eyes are a connection of nerve endings connected to our brain which is then translated into what we “see.”
Our eyes are beautiful, blue, green, brown, grey, black, hazel, and lovely to stare into. These amazing orbs everyone possesses … And yet, they can be far-sighted, nearsighted, and blind. They can miss so much. I am not perceptive as to what keeps me from my goal. In many ways, I am certain I stand in my own way. I say things I should not, lack social graces, and do not understand the subtle signals of others. Due to my lack of understanding, I miss out on the most obvious things. I do not see what I ought. Having said that, I see some things others pass over. I see the expressionless expression when a song comes on, and I see the way a friend’s face changes so as not to betray their anguish over the lyrics. I see the laughter in eyes when they are unguarded for a moment. I see an arm outstretched, but quickly retracted. I see who others cannot see. My question is, who sees me?

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