A former life

now unknown

city of people


beneath the righteous steeple

formerly a missus

latterly dismissed

this hidden guise

seen for the first time with these ocean eyes

where lines are blurred

colors sit in gray

shades of ecstasy

long kept at bay

embracing a sincerity to self

means burning bridges in little towns with little white churches

kissing the lips of sunshine

basking in that warm afterglow

following the current meant chasing the flow

deep in darkness of my closet

hidden with skeletons and lost keys

I saw a sliver of sunlight

her hand in mine, she pulls me out

my honesty is your bitter fear realized

arch of my back turned to tradition

gilded cages so prettily opened as I flew away

never will I go back

never can I go back

two lives intertwined long ago

before any inclination could be known

in this bed as I drift off to sleep

I will love her

and she will love me









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