Running in Wonderland

Deep in slumber I fall…
Down Alice’s rabbit hole
Thru the looking glass
I’ve taken a potion or two
To get thru the day
Now the mirror is shattered
Seven years of bad luck and a thousand reflections greet me 
Now that I’m here in this Wonderland 
I run through the mist
Running, each night
I never find what I long for
That comfort I seem to crave 
The curling fog of Wonderland 
Swirls round the dancing grave 
I take another potion 
To make the climb back out 
The rabbit hole behind the iron gate 
Lovely marble stones abound 
My elixir makes me whole again 
I’ll always run through mist 
Towards a something I’ll never define 
Towards a comfort I’ll never find 
Towards a something that’ll never be mine

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