Chasing the moon

I run, run… run into the mist

There are silver slants of light

bursting down between the trees

the entire path is aglow

as I chase the moon

as I chase you

Yet as I chase the rays of Artemis

on the move

on the hunt

the path is not true

from the precipice by which I have jumped

exposed for all to see, all to stare, all to wonder

Am I viewing the true beauty or is this merely a mirage of the eye?

I grow weary from my journey

I grow weary of chasing stardust and cloud trails

So I chased the moon

Bright and imposing and yet humble in her shine

She ruled from the skies, controlling the tide

Even as I awoke for sunrise

She remained a ghost in the bluest of Southern skies

I saw the crescent moon against the sturdy armor of the palm

Yet, I could not chase the shadow she left behind

So, I chased the moon

and it came back to You.

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