It’s 2 o’clock
In the morning.


Goes my heart.
I inhale sharply
No breath reaches inside
Burning ache fills my chest
Air is replaced with tears
They drown me from the inside out

I told you once, when I am sad …
My blue eyes turn gray.
In these early morning hours, they are the color of steel
I struggle to think
Were the memories real

I needed something to feel
I walked outside
From the whiter shade of pale
My skin turned pink from the cold
I dared look up to Heaven
It was a void of black
Dispersed among the Hollow
Were perfect stars

Bitter cold filled my lungs
I don’t remember when I started to breathe again
I could not break away from the night

Who knows how long I stood there
I saw the void fill with hues too bright to view
In those few minutes, the stars still shone off
I saw night depart
Day arrive

Steady breaths to calm me now
As I make my way inside

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